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Why Myanmar Is the Best Place to Tour



Myanmar is a sovereign state located in the south east of Asia. It is also known as Burma rich in ancient Asian traditions and cultures. It borders china to the west and India to the north it was considered a pariah state that was under military rule for many years. It is mysterious country full of cultural and geographical diversity. Over the years it has retained its uniqueness in terms of history and traditions. It has turned to be an explicit tourist attraction in Asia since the inception of a government. Some of the places to visit in Myanmar include:


Yangon the gate way to Burma is a  major tourist attraction .It is a  big city which is not modernized  but has beautiful lakes and parks around it with friendly local and may Buddhist temples in it .The scoot market is located in the city which is a must myanmar package tour for every tourist. The prominent landmark Shwedagon Pagoda is located in the city. It is believed that its foundation was laid 2000 years ago. The city has air connections to other cities. Being a major tourist attraction some companies has developed tour packages to visit the city. The programs are special enabling you to stay in the city for long and enjoy connecting to other towns. The packages include trekking from Yangon to Kentung on a five day four nights tour. This gives the tourist an opportunity to view the sloping mountains.  The package also offers an opportunity to tour Kentung giving you a site of the villages in kentung.


The yangon shore excursion tour. This package gives you an opportunity to tour the historic sites in Yangon city and have a view of the cultural diversity. You are in a position to visit great museums that exhibits the long culture of the locals. It gives you an opportunity to learn more about the Burmese worship and the Burmese religion.


Visit to Bagon from Yangon is another explicit package which gives you an opportunity to visit over three thousand temples and monasteries. Bagan is very rich in culture and preservative traditions and touring the place, you have the opportunity to learn the cultures and enjoy direct contacts with monks.

Burma is a country full of different cultural beliefs and attraction sites to visit. If you are planning to tour Asia soon consider Myanmar to experience the diverse culture.  Get myanmar holidays here!